Hello and Welcome to Experience Holistic Therapies



About Me


Neil Read is a qualified Holistic Therapist that offers a multitude of complementary therapies whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism, customer service and client care. Each Holistic Treatment offered will be specially adapted to meet your specific requirements, whilst aiming to maximize on the overall effectiveness of the treatments taken. Consultations will be held prior to your treatments to establish a better understanding of your wants and needs (physical / mental / spiritual).


My Goals



Here at Experience Holistic Therapies, I firmly believe that each and every Holistic treatment should encompass four of the five physical senses (Touch, Sight, Smell & Sound) to enhance your Holistic Experience to an elevated level. Incorporating these four senses during the treatment process will encourage all aspects of your psyche (physical / mental / spiritual) to harmonize, creating a perfect balance of equilibrium, inducing a deep state of relaxation and maximizing the mind & bodies ability to self heal. My goal is to offer an Holistic Experience at the highest level that is second to none.


My Place Of Work



My business is run from a treatment room in my home and I feel that the space should reflect the treatments I offer, creating a sense of calm, peace & tranquility, whilst in a clean, safe, warm and friendly environment.